Theoretical Chemistry Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Members of the Group... and links to the web pages of individual researchers

Academic Staff 

Prof. David Logan (Coulson Professor)  275418
Prof. William Barford 275162
Prof. David Clary 276100
Prof. Jonathan Doye 275426
Dr. Martin Galpin 285721
Dr. Nicholas Green 275955
Prof. David Manolopoulos 275164
Prof. John McGrady 272645
Prof. Robert Paton 275465
Prof. Mark Wilson 275163

Secretary to the Coulson Professor and the Theoretical Chemistry Group 

Mrs. Linda Taylor 275152

Administrator - Centre for Doctoral Training 

Mrs. Leema Erben 285419

Academic Visitors 

Dr David Plant    

Postdoctoral Research Associates 

Dr Nhu Nguyen 275492  
Dr Sthitadhi Roy 275155
Dr Xiao Shan 275177

D.Phil. Students 

Mohammed AL-Nafee
Karrar A A Saeed Al-Ameed
Tom Fay
Daniel DeBrincat
Megan Engel
Domagoj Fijan
Max Howell
Xiao Jin
Kiran Kumar
James Lamb
Jonathon Milward
Lachlan Lindoy    
Tim Burd
Jonathan Mannouch
Shuai Lin
Daniel Tracey
Maxime Tortora
Dihao Zeng
Staszek Welsh
Joseph Lawrence
Domen Presern
Darren Valentine
Xinglong Zhang
Jacqueline Tan
William Glass
David Ormrod Morley
Laszlo Berencei

First Year Students at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Theory and Modelling in Chemical Sciences 

Chi Y Cheng 275176
Joao Dos Santos Morado 275176
Alexander Duthie 275176
Hannah Fowler 275176
Isabel Gonzalvez 275176
Alex Jamieson-Binnie 275176
Harry Morgan 275176
Miroslav Suruzhon 275176
Benjamin Sutherland 275176
Rebecca Twidale 275176
James Whipham 275176
Zack Williams 275176
Tom Young 275176
Hemani Chhabra 275176

M.Sc. Students 

Roshan Singh 275492

Part II Students 

Isabel Creed 275155
Theo Fletcher 275160
George Prescott 275492
Matthew Bailey 275161
Chris Stern 275161
Yijing Cao 275159